Amend Missouri's 85% Law


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By filling out this section, you are not signing the actual petition. Missouri law requires registered voters to sign the official paper petition in order for your signature to be counted. By filling out this section you are doing 2 things: You are (1) letting us know that you are a registered voter and want to sign the paper petition. And (2) you agree that it's okay for us to contact you when its time to sign the paper petition. This system enables us to know how much support we have in each congressional district of the state, and helps our circulators collect signatures.

If you would like to help us collect signatures on the paper petition when the time comes you can also let us know here. And we will contact you and give you everything you need if we need more circulators in your area to help collect signatures.

Unfortunately, we didn't meet the 101,000 signatures required to make the November 2020 ballot. But don't be discouraged because we are moving forward and continuously acquiring registered voter supporters all year every year. That way we should have more than our needed supporter numbers before the next petition signature deadline, May 2022. Remember that our strategy to write specific changes into law is something we will continuously do. Changing Missouri's 85% law is just our first objective, and we will stay the course until a change is made. Then it's on to the next needed post-conviction legislation change.

In Solidarity