It is commonly understood that the criminal justice system is flawed. Professionals knowledgeable about this fact talk about this often, seemingly in the thought that pointing out relevant truths would initiate the needed change. ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 is ready to institute that change.

Washington University held a conference to look at ways to reverse mass incarceration. At this conference, George Lombardi, the director of the Missouri Department of Corrections at the time, agreed that more people convicted of dangerous felonies should be released. He pointed out that they "for the most part, will not re-offend." Therefore they are the least likely to be a danger to society. This understanding comes from a Missouri Prisons Authority who knows the temperament and change shown by prisoners convicted of dangerous felonies who have served over 15 continuous years.

Another panelist at this conference to end mass incarceration, Carrie Pettus-Davis, co-director of the "Smart Decarceration Initiative," pointed out that much of what led to mass incarceration was the enactment of policies based on political motivations and reactionary approaches that were not grounded in solutions. ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 is pointing out that Missouri's 85% law is one of these policies that has been tried and failed. And the cost of this failed policy is paid by Missouri taxpayers. Enough is enough.

Standford University did a study on recidivism amongst those convicted of dangers felonies. Their report showed that they re-offend at much lower rates than other inmates on parole. Of 860 murderers paroled between 1990 and 2010 that Standford tracked, only five committed new crimes and none of the new crimes were murder. ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 acknowledges these facts and believe it is far past due for Missouri politicians to stop using fear-mongering to justify their imperfect prison for-profit criminal justice system. Furthermore, it time for the public to stop falling for it and help us make the needed changes.

ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 is tired of hearing these facts about the criminal justice system and seeing no intelligent change in policy made by Missouri legislators that coincide with these facts. So now we, the actual people of Missouri, are initiating the needed change. We are families of all creeds effected by our men and women being kept from us too long. Enough is enough. Other states who adopted a version of the 85% law has already got rid of it. It's our turn. And waiting on Missouri legislative body to do it is just silly at this point.

If you have a family member or friend who has been serving a sentence under the 85% law, help bring them home sooner. Understand that ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 believes the unfortunate situations that lead to being sentenced under the 85% law is regrettable. But those persons who are not career criminals are better off at home helping their family and community. ENOUGHISENOUGH2020 knows that a violent criminal offense often reflects a singular event, not a person's lifelong behavior pattern. And true rehabilitation of those prisoners is mental and emotional. It's seeing the negative effect of their absence from their family for many years. That reality is the main reason those persons avoid bad situations more often and handle those unavoidable situations better. They know more than anyone that life is short, and staying present in their families life is most important. So help bring our people home who have served enough time.

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